Apple must have real good Internets at their house

I just bought Logic Pro as an app store download. This is a program that probably would’ve come on five CD-ROMs back in the day. But now it’s a ginormous download.

I wasn’t in a hurry, because I figured it would take some hours. I came in the office to run the download before going to bed. That’s why this dialog box is kinda ironical.

As the download started up, I watched as the estimated dowload time started working it’s way down from 10-11 hours. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later, when it got to 7-8 hours, that I noticed that the text at the top of the dialog box mentions a fantasyland 1 hour estimated download time.

“Ha, ha! That’s stupid,” I said. “Stupid things make good blog posts.” And here we are.

BTW, now, about 10 minutes later, the progress bar estimate is at 4-5 hours.

So it’ll probably end up taking at least 3-4 hours when all is said and done, right? But I did some rough calculatin’ on Apple’s “this may take up to an hour with a typical broadband Internet connection” pipe dream/thigh slapper.

You’d need a sustained download speed of 555Mb/sec. to download 2GB in an hour. You’d need to be able to download the equivalent of 30 minutes of music per minute every minute for an hour. 

My Internets is not that good. 

Al Gore’s Internets is not that good.

BTW, now it’s back up to 5-6 hours.