Google tasks tip for Gmail users

I came up with a way to use Google tasks that helps keep items on my task list associated with the emails that contain details about those tasks. 

100% of my work assignments come to me through email, and I use Gmail exclusively. Even if the work is assigned at a meeting, there will be a follow up email detailing what needs to be done. (We’ll put off for another time the discussion about why a meeting was necessary in the first place.)

Since I’m in Gmail so much, I keep Google tasks open there to keep track of what needs to get done when. A typical task might be:

Acme, Inc. customer email, THURS

But I found that, inevitably, when it was time to start on my next task, I’d need to refer back to the original email where it was assigned to me. So now when I create a task, I append the URL of the email that I created the task from, like this:

Acme, Inc. customer email, THURS [email URL]

So when it’s time to begin a task, I just click the URL and it brings up the email where it was assigned to me in a separate tab. 

I keep waiting for Google to add a “make task from this email” option to Gmail, but until then, this works for me.