Decoding the hidden sedition of "Daydream Believer"

Those eyes say, “I am coming for your daughters and they will never shave their armpits again.”
Former Monkee Davy Jones has died. Once thought of as cute and cuddly by millions of American teeny-boppers, Jones was in reality a shill for the communistic counter-culture that sought to upend everything that made America a great place to have a picnic and go bowling with the family.

Now that Jones is dead, it’s time to decode the lyrics to the song he was best known for, Daydream Believer. As the annotations below reveal, this seemingly sweet and innocent song was really a recruiting anthem for the sex-crazed, drug-addled left, delivered in code that only the “hep” could understand.

Oh, I could hide (Jones was a fugitive from justice for turnstile jumping)
‘neath the wings (He was known to hide out in chicken coops)
Of the bluebird (Possibly an allusion to the hated “fuzz”)
As she sings (The sirens of police cars)
The six o’clock alarm would never ring (Praise for sloth)
But six rings (Reality intrudes and the totalitarian leviathan endures)
And I rise (But to Jones and his lackeys, this is a wake up call)
Wipe the sleep (“wipe the sleep” rhymes with “kill the sheep”—get it? Don’t worry, the kids did.)
Out of my eyes (“out of my eyes” rhymes with “ignore their cries”—how callous can you get?)
My shavin’ razor’s cold and it stings (As it slices the necks of the establishment pigs, obviously)

Cheer up (take drugs)
sleepy Jean (Satan)
Oh, what can it mean? (question authority)
To a daydream believer (to a drug addict)
And a homecoming queen (and a prostitute runaway)