The Super Bowl Commercials I Remember This Morning

I didn’t slavishly watch for the ads, but in this little unscientific survey, I dredge up the ones that are still top of mind this morning, which I figure has to count for something. If I tried, I’m sure I could remember more, but the point is that these are the ones I remembered without trying hard.

Clint Eastwood’s patriotic Chrysler pitch—I was in the kitchen getting a beer or something and just the sound of Clint’s voice brought me back to the TV. Almost made me want to go out and buy a Jeep, and I’m not a fan of Chrysler products. 

The weird commercial-within-a-commercial for VW that starts out with a dog on a crash weight loss plan and ends up in the Star Wars alien cantina. I thought it would’ve been more effective with just the dog. The Star Wars coda was just overkill.

The Chevy truck commercial that depicts a post-apocalyptic world where exclusively male Chevy truck owners are the only ones left alive, ensuring that they’ll have to sleep together, though they skipped over that little detail. 

The E-Trade baby commercial. They annoy me,  but I give them credit for staying on brand. Hey, I remember seeing it.

The obnoxious Doritos real life cartoons. These put me off.

The gross, craven Go Daddy commercials. Stay classy, Danica. Whatever. You don’t need to see an example of these.  

The Kia commercial with Motley Crue. I really liked where this one ended up. Funny and sweet.

Oh, yeah: The Fiat commercial with the vapid Italian model who drips coffee foam on her cleavage in an allusion to… well, gee, I’m not sure what it’s alluding to. I thought that detail was excessive sexist panderding , but I’m old school. And, hell, just plain old.