Sounds of the game: the transcript

“On March 7, the (MLB) network will try to take a leap in audio, televising a spring training game between the Indians and Diamondbacks in which up to six players a team will wear microphones.” NYT: Airing the Sounds of the Game on MLB Network

Indians vs. Diamondbacks, top of the first

18:03:27 Catcher mic: (clears sinuses)
18:03:29 Catcher mic: (expectorates)
18:03:30 Umpire mic: Thanks, Izzy. I just cleaned that plate.
18:03:33 Catcher mic: (belches)
18:03:35 Umpire mic: Again, lovely.  
18:03:42 Batter mic: Afternoon, gents.
18:03:44 Umpire mic: Hey, Parksy.
18:03:46 Catcher mic: (indecipherable utterance)
18:03:59 Umpire mic: Hey, whenever you’re ready. We have until October.
18:04:04 Batter mic: Is it OK with you if I adjust my batting gloves? Would that be all right, for Christ’s sake?
18:04:10 Umpire mic: As long as it occurs in this lifetime.
18:04:13 Batter mic: Is this how it’s going to be all season with you? I thought we were friends.
18:04:16 Catcher mic: (grunting noise)
18:04:20 Umpire mic: Totally agree, Izz.  
18:04:23 Batter mic: OK, whatever.
18:04:29 Umpire, catcher, batter mics: (ball hitting mitt)
18:04:30 Umpire mic: Hraw! Low.
18:04:56 Umpire, catcher, batter mics: (ball hitting mitt)
18:04:57 Umpire mic: Hrawp! Low.
18:04:59 Catcher mic: (exclaimed indecipherable utterance)
18:05:02 Umpire mic: Excuse me?
18:05:04 Catcher mic: (indecipherable grumbling)
18:05:07 Umpire mic: I thought so.
18:05:22 Umpire, catcher, batter mics: (ball hitting bat)
18:05:28 Umpire mic: Y’all got lucky there.
18:05:31 Catcher mic: (indecipherable)
18:05:35 Umpire mic: He just got under it.
18:05:39 Catcher mic: (belches)
18:05:42 Umpire mic: (sighs)
18:05:45 Umpire mic: OK, batter up. Let’s go.
18:05:53 Batter mic: Hey.
18:05:57 Umpire mic: Hey, Jonesy.
18:06:00 Catcher mic: (indecipherable utterance)