Will you let them be Kickstarter-ed to the curb?

Here are a few Kickstarter projects that for unimaginable reasons are in danger of expiring before meeting their funding goals:

Project name: Basshenge

Description: Stonehenge, only made out of sub-woofers

Goal: $5000 Raised: $1502 Hours to go at press time: 8

Funding pitch money quote:Whoever built Stonehenge, be it people, angels or aliens, gifted to us a breathtaking experience for which we are thankful but we feel, through our immeasurable gratitude and awe, that something is missing; IT NEEDS MORE BASS.”


Project name: Connie Bright and Little Dozzzee

Description: Toddler brainwashing videos, conceived by a babysitting schoolgirl

Goal: $9500 Raised: $1321 Hours to go at press time: 5

Funding pitch money quote: ”Thank you for helping to make a great bedtime experience fun and fullfilling.”



Project name: Freedom Snacks: A New World of Colored Popcorn

Description: Popcorn

Goal: $1000 Raised: $76 Hours to go at press time: 72

Funding pitch money quote: ”Especially in an industry where you are selling a non-food product ensures you will have a popular tradeshow booth. (sic) Potential customers are walking around with bags in their hand with your company’s logo on it and people are asking ‘what booth did you get the popcorn at?’”


Project name: Noguchi: Coroner to the Stars

Description: Documentary about the guy who Quincy ME was partly based on

Goal: $7500 Raised: $1530 Hours to go at press time: 72

Funding pitch money quote: ”Dr. Noguchi grew up in the heart of World War II Japan. At the age of 13 he witnessed his father, who was a doctor, swab a patient’s throat to check for strep infection.”