11 fresh Valentine date ideas

Instead of taking your date to dinner and a movie, take her to a movie and a very, very late or very, very early breakfast (depending on show times).

Skip a separate meal altogether in favor of a bottomless bucket of movie popcorn.

Instead of a movie, substitute a Fresh Prince marathon at your place.

Instead of your place, substitute your parents’ place.

Instead of the Fresh Prince marathon, substitute Pictionary with your folks.

Instead of you being there, substitute your brother Steve, since he still lives at home anyway.

If Steve is busy with his ship-in-a-bottle hobby, get his friend Barry.

Instead of Barry smelling like old bacon, suggest he bathe.

Instead of your mom and dad getting into a big Pictionary fight again, substitute Grandma Karen for your dad.

Instead of your Grandma Karen picking on your mom for settling for your dad when she could have married that doctor from Shreveport, tell your mom she better go check on your brother Steve ‘cause it’s awful quiet in the basement and maybe he’s passed out from ship-in-a-bottle glue fumes again.

Have Grandma Karen and your brother Steve’s friend Barry take your date to dinner and a movie.