Did you know...

…you can make any element by mixing carbon, water, and flour?

…tap dancing is all fake? The sound is actually made by a small mechanical device in the dancer’s pants?

…a particle of sneeze travels faster than the world’s fastest sprinter, but can’t manage the baton transfer in the relay?

…George Washington grew his own heroin?

…while many people assume broccoli is a vegetable, it’s actually a rodent?

…by the age of three a child is imprinted with all of the personality traits he or she will have as a three-and-a-half-year-old?

…a dog can be trained to use the toilet as a water bowl?

…the exoskeleton of the common cockroach has the tensile strength of titanium while offering the same affordability and ease of maintenance as graphite composites?

…the map of America was named after its discoverer, Mapaggio de Amerigo Vespucci?

…the word gravy comes from the Middle English graevey, which means “meat juices or fat, add a little flour, stir continuously over medium heat in skillet or saucepan, add salt and pepper to taste?”