Squarespace under-promises and over-delivers uptime in wake of Sandy

This site is hosted on Squarespace, one of the many all-in-one site building and hosting solutions out there.

When I started my freelance business, there were a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of options for each decision. I could’ve literally spent hours deciding whether to go with Squarespace, or one of their many competitors. But a friend told me about them, I saw that they offered most of what I was looking for at a fair price, and they seemed like a stable player in the market, so I bought in. And I’ve been satisfied. 

Last week, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the company sent out an email blast saying, essentially, We’re sorry to tell you this, but a big part of our infrastructure is in the hardest hit section of Manhattan, and despite all of our redundancies and contingencies, the severity of the storm damage makes it look likely that your service will be interrupted. 

Uh oh, I thought. That’s not good, but at least they are preparing me for the worst. 

But the worst never came. My site, along with the sites of thousands of other Squarespace customers, kept right on humming. And yesterday, I got another email blast from Squarespace explaining why: their employees hauled fuel up 17 flights of stairs for three days to keep their back-up back-up back-up generator running. 

And all this so that I could post stupid videos of me interviewing my cat and you could watch them.

Not only did they handle the emergency beautifully, they handled the communications around it beautifully:

  • They prepared me for the worst and apologized ahead of time. 
  • The follow-up email sent yesterday by Squarespace founder and CEO Anthony Casalena was focussed on the actions of the company’s dedicated employees. It wasn’t, “Hey, we’re so great,” so much as, “Hey, our people are great, they really laid it out there for our customers, and we’re proud of them.” Subtle but important difference.
  • The email also included a reminder that many are still suffering and a link to donate to hurricane relief. 

In short,

How likely am I to remain a Squarespace customer? Very likely. 

How likely am I to recommend Squarespace? Very likely.