New bridge section is the Bay Area's coolest erection

From Dr. Schadenfreude (not his real name), the Sharer of Things No One Else is Paying Attention To, comes this cool (well, for nerds) video showing and telling how the new repaired section of the Bay Bridge is going to work, and how it’s being built.

It’s called a Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) bridge, because instead of two big-ass cables along the side that anchor to the ground at each end, there’s just one big-ass cable that loops around and holds the whole damn thing up like a bungee cord.

It’s an amazing process. First they built a temporary support bridge, then they built the new roadway span on top of that, and now they are in the process of tying the new span to the big-ass cable loop and lifting the whole damn thing up off the support bridge. Damn, I bet they’re gonna be tired. 

Let’s roll ‘em, Paul!