Cool site: Justine's Brasserie

Top screenshot shows site’s native state; bottom shows site menu as it appears after rolling over wordmark. The background is a vintage-look, found-footage style animated gif.

Dr. Mrs. Oblogatory and I got all spontaneous and decided to go out to dinner last night. I know, Monday night—koo-koo crazy, right?

Since we wanted to go to Justine’s, I decided to check their website to see if they were open. While unfortunately their hours of operation are not to be found on the site (too mundane?), I did develop a crush on the site itself.

The site and the restaurant itself are very hip, and no doubt intentionally so. There’s nothing I hate worse than hip for hip’s sake, i.e. a place that trips all over its own hipness. If Justine’s didn’t have great food and a great vibe, it’s hipness would grate. It would be Swift’s Attic.

Anyway, the site is of a piece with the place. Kudos to its designer. Someone at Justine’s obviously has a nice touch. 

PS: It’s nekkid ladies on there!