The Monday Morning Ethicist, Death Cab Edition

Chuck Klosterman is The Ethicist for the NYT. I am the Monday Morning Ethicist.

Yesterday’s third question for Chuck:

My fiancée and I attended a Death Cab for Cutie concert at the Beacon Theater. We had first-row seats in the balcony section. We typically stand at concerts to dance and sing along, but we didn’t because no one else in our section was interested in that sort of thing. However, during the encore, we decided to stand for the last five songs. We were immediately chastised by several people behind us and told to sit down. Were we wrong to stand? Does the type of music or venue dictate whether it’s all right to stand? BOBBY CALISE, NEW YORK

Chuck said, in so many words, no, it’s all good. 

I say:

Dear Mr. Calise: 

Hey, if you are moved to dance by Death Cab for Cutie—anywhere—you have more serious problems than this. Seek professional help immediately. 

Hope this helps!