Two annoying Apple UX errors

This ain’t no big deal, but it drives me a little nuts, plus it helps my self-esteem to point out the errors of a company that employs thousands of “geniuses.”

Basically, there are at least two instances where Apple software ignores checkbox preferences it offers me. The first is when Keynote starts up:

This is the tutorial window that I see every time I launch Keynote. Notice how the checkbox that says, “Show this window when Keynote opens” is NOT checked. Yet every time I launch the app, the window is shown. Annoying.

Even more annoying: ever since I “upgraded” to Mountain Lion, I’ve been having semi-frequent kernel panics that cause my MacBook Pro to restart. Each time it happens, it takes a looong time for the computer to boot up again. When it finally comes up, it presents me with a window that says, “Your computer did not shut down properly. (No duh.) Do you want to send a report to Apple?” Whether I do or don’t send the report, I’m next presented with this dialog box:

I always click “No Thanks” to this Big Brotherly offer. Notice how “Don’t ask me again” IS clicked? It doesn’t work. It ALWAYS asks me again. Double annoying. 

Now that I think of it, I think iTunes does the same thing when I tell it not to remind me that there’s a software upate I haven’t installed yet. 

It’s also weird that Apple would make some checkboxes a negative option (to get X, do NOT check Y), while some are positive options (to get X, DO check Y). 

So, Apple, you think you’re so great. Well, guess what? You’re not perfect. Nyah.