Women from my binder

Name: Candace Harshing
Position applied for: COO, Rich Malley Industries
Notable: During interview, inquired whether she’d be, “making the same as the other guys.”
Recommendation: REJECT



Name: Roxanne Amalu
Position applied for: Comptroller, Rich Malley Financial Services
Notable: During interview seemed smarter than me.
Recommendation: REJECT



Name: Ann Marie Malone
Position applied for: Executive Producer, Rich Malley Media
Notable: A bit too big for her britches.
Recommendation: REJECT



Name: Sally Ruggins
Position applied for: Coffee attendant, Rich Malley Consultants
Notable: During interview, asked whether I’d like room for cream.
Recommendation: HIRE



Name: Mary Ewald
Position applied for: Lead Business Strategist, Rich Malley Amalgamated  
Notable: Laughed out loud at 5-year plan.
Recommendation: REJECT