Types of unreliable Lance Armstrong accusers

“We have seen the press release from USADA touting the upcoming release today of its ‘reasoned decision,’” Armstrong lawyer Sean Breen said by email. “(The) statement confirms the alleged ‘reasoned decision’ from USADA will be a one-sided hatchet job - a taxpayer-funded tabloid piece rehashing old, disproved, unreliable allegations based largely on axe-grinders, serial perjurers…” - Reuters via CNBC

Inveterate asshats
Disgruntled ex-employees
Certifiable fibbers
No-talent wannabes
First-class prevaricators
Boys who cried “wolf”
Masterclass storytellers
Village idiots
Unreconstructed swill spewers
Butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouth types
Cancer victim haters
Lousy no-good crumbbums
Sneaky sorts
Crotchety cavillers of calumny
Reprobate loser-lovers
Ill-reputed pishers
Grandstanding image destroyers
Spurned derailleur salesmen
Malcontent soreasses
The batshit crazy
Miffed barbies
No-account sprocket jockeys
Delusional spoke techs
Never heard of ‘em kinda guys
People with severe truth allergies
Don’t turn your back on ‘em kinda guys
Ungrateful intern/slaves
Weakling erstwhile yesmen
Tongue-worn flummerers
Litigious lice
Infamous dissemblers
That old “fair play” crowd
Stone haters
Reputed pervs
Stick it to Lance-a-lots
Cut-and-run syringe wholesalers
Fairweather fawners
Needle-phobic pricks
Scum-chugging pissbeds
Dirty old boogers
Self-fart sniffers
Mean, wicked people
Chronic fugue-staters
Connivers since way back when
Victimhood addictives
Lost-their-ball crybabies
Buggerers of the goose that laid the golden egg