A very special Monday Morning Ethicist

Chuck Klosterman is The Ethicist for the NYT. I am the Monday Morning Ethicist.

Yesterday’s second question for Chuck came from MY FATHER-IN-LAW:

“I took three friends out to dinner at our finest local restaurant to thank them for their years of stimulating fellowship. When the time came to pay the bill, we were told that the entire meal — drinks and all — was on the house. As we were walking out the door, I turned to my friends and said, ‘
I hope that doesn’t lessen the gratitude you feel for my own magnanimity.’ But they declared, almost gleefully, that the owner’s generosity had trumped mine and that I would receive no credit for my good intentions. Is this fair?” TOM HUTH, GOLD HILL, COLO.

After a short preamble, Chuck said,  “I’ll still address this question within the narcissistic reality you’ve described,” and then concluded, “You’re a true hero.”

I say:

Chuck, you perceptive bastard, if you’re ever in Austin, TX, there’s a free dinner—drinks and all—here for you.