My Current SkyMall Wish List

Relaxing Magic Showerhead
SkyMall Collection MMR101, $59.99

SkyMall says: “Enliven your daily shower experience by transforming your regular shower into a fountain of brilliant fun with the help of MagicShowerhead illuminates the shower water producing a variety of changing colors (7 colors fade from White, to Yellow, to Orange, to Red, to Purple, to Blue, and to Green).”

Customer Reviewer Anonymous says: “Best showerhead ever! Im in the shower right now. It feels great ;)”

Cat Toilet Training System
SkyMall Collection DST101, $49.99

SkyMall says: “Potty train your cat faster than most people can potty train their kids.”

Customer Reviewer Inspir8tion from Little Rock, Arkansas says, “I really think if I didn’t have a job and could reinforce her often and ‘train’ her, this would have worked. But, alas, it did not. I ended up buying the very large (certainly by comparison) robot litter box which we all love!”

Litter Robot - Standard Unit  
SkyMall Collection APC102, $339.99

SkyMall says: “Self-cleaning litter box features a patented sifting process that automatically activates 7 minutes after the cat leaves the box, transferring waste into a hidden drawer, leaving the globe with fresh clean litter for the next use.”

Customer Reviewer Guglegrl from Florida says, “The litter box was the only down side to owning cats for me, but now, with that taken care of, there is no down side!”

Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture
Design Toscano DB-583078, $69.95 

SkyMall says: “If you’ve never personally spotted Bigfoot, perhaps it’s just because he’s been hiding behind the nearest tree!”

Customer Reviewer DaRa from Tupelo, MS says, “Need to furnish paper diagram to scale with hole locations to be used as a templete for installing screws or nails. The hanging holes need to be slightly bigger to accomadate larger nail or screw heads. Furnish screws or nails with the unit.”

And, of course, for my lady….

Single Genuine Rose, Hand-dipped in 24K Gold
SkyMall Collection LAD107, $59.99

SkyMall says: “You won’t be throwing these beautiful roses away — they last a lifetime… and then some.”

Customer Reviewer AlexiZ from Maryland says: “”It was my wife’s idea first to buy these roses. Initially I was sceptical about the whole thing. Natural roses being hand-dipped in 24K gold? Oh, boy! WAS I WRONG!!! They look beatifull. A real masterpiece. My wife loves them. Anyone who buys them won’t regret.”

Clip-n-Crystals Pearl Pk/2
The Tonytail Company TT05500, $19.95

SkyMall says, “They are reusable and will not damage hair.”

No customer reviews. : (

Skel-E-Gnomette Woman
What On Earth CF2993, $39.95

SkyMall says: “They’ve been garden-guarding so long they’re nothing but bones. Indoor or outdoor use. Painted polyresin.”

No customer reviews. : (