Must-read obituaries

Selman Humpf, 87, Smelled Like Pee for Decades

Mary Murtaugh, 78, Champion Kvetcher

Suzette Pillabon, 52, Did “That Thing” with Eyelids

Danny Elling, 91, Victim of Babe Ruth Jockstrap Prank-Gone-Wrong

Leedon Harway, 46, Stunt Pilot Some Deemed “Excessively Risky”

Mandy Davisen, 67, Peritoneal Piercing Pioneer

Thomas Selter, 53, Married a Shiksa

Mark “Faceplant” Murphy, 22, Lived Life as Star of Own Imaginary “Jackass”-style TV Show

Arman Belashevsky, 79, Wanted to Be Left the Hell Alone

Moramor Qadahfi, 73, Destitute Senior Long Taunted over Name Similarity

Francois Lemmle, 63, Legendary Parisian Parking Scofflaw Outlives €532,321 in Fines