Copywriting 101: Brevity is the very essence, the soul, one might even say, of wit

Both members of our household independently noticed that there are two unnecessary words on this sign promoting the new Zachary Scott Theatre facility under construction nearby. Here’s what might have happened:

Client: We want a slogan to get people excited about our new facility. We’re having some signs made.

Account exec: Got it.

One week later…

Account exec: Any feedback?
Client: Hmmm, “Expect wonders.” Well, the messaging is right on, but it will look kind of bare for the size we have to work with, don’t you think?
Account exec: Well, our AD will give it the perfect type treatment and layout. It’ll look great.
Client: No, we’re just going to have the sign company do that. The lettering is going to look just like the example I showed you.
Account exec: OK, we’ll work on it.

The next day…

Client: Perfect!