WitStream makes it easy to follow potty-mouthed women on Twitter

Comes now WitStream, a site and iPhone app that consolidates the tweets of chosen funny people—called Aristocrats—into one giant honking feed of funny (your results may vary). Don’t know how long it’s been around, but I found it because I follow Aristrocrat Jenny Johnson on Twitter. She is one of several female Aristocrats from the it’s-funny-because-people-don’t-expect-women-to-say-crude-shit-like-this school of humor. Herewith, some of Ms. Johnson’s recent work:

“Larry King: Making Vagina’s Sad Since 1794”

“I don’t support rape, but Jeremy Shockey seems like he’d be really good at it.”

“You’re not having coffee withdrawals, you’re just being a pussy.”

“Drinking green tea doesn’t cure being a huge asshole.”

Obviously, she’s not for everyone, and, like much of WitStream, hit or miss. To me the concept is the most interesting thing. Curious how Aristocrats are annointed and how any revenue is or will be shared with them.

Look for more and more of these tweet curation sites (also known as “sites that recycle free content”) in the future.