Sneak Peek at Upcoming Reality Shows


Dancing to the Orthopedic Surgeon
Join Dr. Herman Aarndt, AAOS, as he profiles former contestants of Dancing with the Stars in their epic rehabilitation struggles to live normal, pain-free lives.

Big Brothers’ Big Brother
10 reality show producers, a glass cage, a selection of blunt instruments, dozens of cameras. Each week viewers vote which corpses, if any, are removed from the cage.

Celebrity Enabler
Dr. Anthony Zipp, (M.D., University of Small Caribbean Nation), meets with troubled celebrities and helps them overcome their dependencies to prescription medications by prescribing similar, but slightly different, medications.

89 Ways to Sue a Game Show Production Company & Any or All Associated Parties Named or Unnamed
Each week a guest attorney takes on the case of a physically maimed and/or emotionally scarred former game show contestant to find material breaches in seemingly ironclad “hold-harmless” agreements in a race against a laches defense.

The Great Lowest Common Denominator Hunt
Contestants vie to conceive the most puerile, morally bankrupt reality show. Focus groups comprised of people kidnapped at random from Wal-Mart parking lots select their favorites, and viewers at home vote to choose a winner. The winning show’s creator gets a three-year contract to be TLC’s new Vice President of Programming.