Slogans That Didn't Fly and What the Client Went with Instead

Didn’t Fly: Like You Give a Shit Where You Get Your Tires
What They Went With: Protecting Your Car—and Your Family

DF: You Can Suck It Long and Hard
WTWW: It’s the Lolly that Lasts!

DF: Able to Remain Profitable in Spite of Our Crappy Service
WTWW: Distinguished by Our Service

DF: The Highest Alcohol Content for the Money
WTWW: It’s Real… Good Beer

DF: No More Cutthroat Than Any Other For-Profit Hospital
WTWW: Where Your Health Comes First

DF: Dude, You Need Tires, We Got Tires—WTF?
WTWW: Rubber, Meet Road

DF: Every Part Sourced from the Lowest Bidder
WTWW: The Quality You Expect

DF: No Ride-Related Fatalities Two Years Running
WTWW: Theme Park Family Fun

DF: They’re Just Tires, for God’s Sake
WWTW: Quality, Service and Value You Can Trust

DF: For the Love of God, People, I Have Bills to Pay!
WTWW: Copy. Creative. Ideas. And Stuff.