Hey, Apple—I want an iPhad


Sometimes my iPhone is too small and underpowered, but my iPad is too unwieldy and brings more horsepower to a task than it requires. For users like me, Apple needs to invent the iPhad.

This new device would offer me the best of both my iPhone and my iPad in a convenient new, “just right”-sized form factor.

The iPhad would feature the same OS as my iPhone and iPad, so it will be easy for me to learn and use. And then I’ll be able to buy the same apps in three different versions: phone, tablet and, um, phablet.

With it’s big (but not-too-big) display, and it’s small (but not-too-small) form factor, the iPhad would be the perfect way to keep Apple technology in my hand and plugged into my brain during those few remaining waking moments when I’m not using my iPhone, my iPad or my MacBook.

But mostly, I want Apple to bring this device to market so that when people stop and ask me, “Hey, is that an iPhone or an iPad,” I can reply, smugly, “Neither. It’s just a phad.”