Five Notable Advertising Creative Directors of the Late 20th Century


Al Murple, VGDK&O—Coined the term “conceptual dissonance” while selling Amalgamated Brands on the disastrous “So good you’d kill your mother” campaign for Molly Mae Cupcakes.

Frank Senk, Kentor-Senk Advertising—Crafted the unforgettable campaign that helped triple annual sales of Muldoon’s Mysterious Mucus Relief Lozenges, all based on three words he claimed came to him in a dream: “Suck on this.”

Betty Rumpin, Barfing Tree Advertising—Billed three major clients a total of 27 hours in a single 6-hour workday.

Rick Bellows, JoeLunchBucket—Introduced the bogus-but-impossible-to-refute metric “reflected awareness, a step removed” (RAASR, or “razor”), to demonstrate the success of his “Smell the Money” campaign for Big Rock Financial.

Barry Arndt, Dancing Bear & Sons—Never needed rehab.