Community College success story: My sister Laura is one of the best nurses in Central Texas

Both of my older sisters have spent their professional careers in health care, helping people at their weakest and most vulnerable. I’m extremely proud of them.

My middle sister, Laura Milburn, has been an RN at Austin’s Brackenridge Hospital since shortly after sulfa drugs were invented (OK, I exaggerate a little). She was just recognized by her professional association as one of the best nurses in Central Texas,  winning their “Fabulous Five” award. (Like we didn’t already know this.)

Laura loves nursing and her patients and colleagues love her. The funny thing is, she had never considered the career until my dad offered to help her go to nursing school. Having hit a rough patch in her young adult life and lacking other viable options, she accepted.

She immediately excelled in nursing school and applied herself as she’d never applied herself to anything before. She gained the self-assurance that comes with a sense of purpose and belonging. The rest—thousands of seriously sick and injured patients cared for with dignity and compassion—is history.

There’s a reason I’m sharing this. When I was part of the team that built, the Federal Government’s college information site, one of the things our background interview subjects said time and time again was that they found rewarding careers that weren’t even on their radar before they went to college or trade school.

My sister Laura is living proof of how important it is for young adults to have these opportunities, and how important it is for them to be open to any possibility those opportunities may present.
Well done, Sissy!