Cool Web tricks: AdKeeper converts fixed page to scrolling page

I posted about AdKeeper a while back, so I went to their site to check up on them. OK, mostly I was just checking to see if they were still open for business, which they appear to be. 

But something on their redesigned site caught my eye: the home page orients newbies to the service. Like similar pages on other Web app sites, it’s a short, fixed-length page with just the minimum info. But at the bottom of the page is a grey bar with an up arrow on the right side (circled in yellow below):


Click that arrow and the grey bar slides up, revealing a scrollable ad gallery beneath it. Pretty elegant way to present simple, essential information while preserving the capability to show a browsable breadth of offerings, all on the same page:

What other sites feature this functionality? None come to mind at the moment. 

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