JC Penney pre-roll on ESPN.com features Phoebe Cates in a bikini 30 years ago

Saw this pre-roll video ad on ESPN.com today. Announcer guy comes on and says, “Here’s the deal: You look at these smart and affordable fashion choices from Van Heusen, JC Penney’s gonna throw this in for free.”

He then appears to grab the edge of the frame and pull it into split screen with the clothing images on the right. The clip that appears is from 1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It’s a fantasy sequence from the film where Phoebe Cates exits a swimming pool dripping wet and stalks towards the camera in slo-mo like a young tigress in heat, removing her top as she approaches. It’s an image seared into the self-pleasure centers of the brains of millions of guys who were adolescents at the time, many of whom are evidently in the target market for Van Heusen Expand-o-Matic slacks today. 

I wonder what a middle-aged Phoebe Cates thinks about her 30-year-younger self being “thrown in for free” to sell poly-cotton blend plaids. As a viewer, I felt pretty insulted.