I just want Kim Kardashian to be happy

photo: Damian Morys, 2009

I noticed that Kim Kardashian is on the cover of People Magazine this week, showing off her new fiancee and her new 80 carat engagement ring. She seems happy. And that makes me happy.

I must admit I am still a bit unclear as to who Ms. K is or what she does for a living. Near as I can tell, she was born into wealth and she has a monster rack and a big booty. None of these things is her fault. Nevertheless, she bravely dons tacky clothing that shows off her body to its sluttiest advantage and lingers before snapping hordes of photographers long past the time most celebrities would have skirted the velvet rope and ducked into the VIP entrance. She seems to accept the demands of a life of undeserved fame and immense wealth without complaint. I think I’m in love with her.

But will she really be happy with this guy? I hope so. On the cover of People Magazine, their love seems like it will last; their smiles never waver, at least not during the 10 minutes I spent staring at the cover without blinking. That one time. 

Still, I worry that Kim will throw away her life of easy wealth and unconscious freedom for the cheap allure of the workaday life. I worry that she’ll turn up six months from now working in a dentist’s office in Round Rock on a temp assignment for a placement agency. And what will her rock bottom look like? Painting her own toenails? Driving her own car? Lining up outside Wal-Mart on Black Friday? (involuntary shudder) I really don’t want to think about it.

So for now, I’m going to be happy thinking that Kim is happy. After all, I think it was Kim herself who said, “I can’t worry about things that are beyond my control. My agent hires someone to do the worrying for me.”