When Wire met Suzanne

Wire is a great British band that put out three classic art-punk records from 1977-79 and then broke up. Then they reunited in the late 80s, and made this appearance on the Joan Rivers Show, on a night TV actress and Thigh Master flogger Suzanne Somers was hosting. It was 24 years until their next appearance on American TV, a performance on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. The extremely cringe-inducing interview with Somers at the end of this clip is still a marvel of train-wreck TV. It probably put off the band and American TV talk show producers equally.

Reality check: in her intro, Somers calls Wire “one of the hottest British rock groups in the world today.” False. She also said their album, The Ideal Copy, was “hitting the top of the music charts.” Also false. Just in case you thought a major portion of your memory from 1988 was erased. 

They play tonight in Austin, and I can’t wait.