Ubiquitous dumb ideas #1: The mop bucket-wringer combo

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If you’re like me (it’s been a while, so I thought I’d trot out that old favorite), you’ve spent a lot of your life with a mop in your hand. Between summer jobs in high school and college, and moonlighting jobs after college, I estimate I’ve mopped a Congoleum walkway that would reach to the moon, or at least get you into geo-synchronous orbit. And every time I was assigned mopping duties, I was told to use one of these moronic pieces of junk. 

Why moronic, you ask? Let me see your hands. Just as I thought. Not a single mopping callus. Because if you’d ever used one of these, it doesn’t take long to figure out why they suck. 

Here’s what happens. You fill the bucket with water and cleaning solution. You take your clean mop, dip it in the solution and then wring it in the wringer. So far, so good, right? Keep going.

You mop aisle 10. Now your mop is dry and dirty. So what do you do? You dip it in the cleaning solution and then wring it in the wringer. And—voila!—you now have a bucket full of filthy mop water and 9/10ths of your mopping job ahead of you. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I thought it was stupid when I was 15, and I still think it’s stupid now. 

I looked around and it seems like since the last time I’ve done any commercial mopping, divided mop bucket wringer combos have hit the market. With these, you wring the mop in a separate container, so the the dirty water isn’t wrung into the clean solution. Is that so hard? But I’ll be damned if I’ve ever seen one in person. Whenever I see someone mopping at a fast food place or a convenience store, they’re always using one of these filth-spreaders.