Real nurses wearing Grey's Anatomy costume scrubs–what's next?

Sterility guaranteed, unless you snorgle your dog between appointmentsI went to the doctor this morning and noticed the nurse who took my vital signs was wearing scrubs with the Grey’s Anatomy logo on them. I really can’t remember another instance where a fictional show inspired a real product used by professionals, although I’m sure some of you will help me remember. But I did think of some other TV shows ripe for product licensing:

Law & Order Brand Video Textbooks—Screw Blackstone’s Commentaries. Become a practicing attorney the easy way. Learn by viewing lessons taken directly from the popular TV series. In other words, cases taken from actual events, but shaped and polished for neat resolution. Each 48 minute lesson includes frequent commercial breaks suitable for jotting down notes or grabbing a snack in the kitchen. (Not liable for disputes arising from failure to provide adequate representation.)

Mad Men Antacid—Formulated to overcome the effects of a 12-martini and filet mingon lunch, so it’s strong enough to tackle your measly missed deadline dyspepsia. Available in regular and menthol flavor.

Barksdale Brand Drug Vials—Slinging one-and-ones has never been so fun! Inspired by The Wire’s Avon Barksdale organization, fiends will line up early to buy your shit when it’s packaged in these classy containers. Available in red top, yellow top and green top versions, as well as many other jones-inducing colors. Order a G-pack today. 

The Official Lost Nowayfinder GPS—There’s no need to leave the island before you’ve exploited all of the commercial possibilities. Now with the Nowayfinder GPS, you don’t have to! Guaranteed to keep you stuck within an open narrative until you’re ready to go into syndication.

Swearingen’s Swearing Dictionary—Do you find it difficult to distinguish a bumfuzzled cocksucker from a cocksucking hooplehead? Let Al Swearingen, Deadwood’s premier purveyor of purple prose, teach you the finer points of the Dakota territory lexicon, you conniving cocksucker.