Cringely on Larry Page's return as Google CEO

Interesting short read on I, Cringely about Larry Page’s reasencion to the G-throne:

“While I say Google isn’t in trouble, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t stuck. Google is very stuck. Like any successful and mature tech enterprise they are very adept at leveraging market advantages. PageRank, AdWords, AdSense are the big money-makers still. Everything else — everything else — is a page view generator and nothing else. Gmail, all the web apps, YouTube — all they are for is generating page views and displaying ads. There hasn’t been a successful new business at Google for more than a decade (no, Gmail is not a business, nor is Android). So Google is still a fabulously successful enterprise and great at making money, but it is a stuck very successful enterprise.”

Still, I should be so stuck.

I, Cringely: Larry Page’s running start: but is he running in the right direction?