How I hacked

Courtesy of a new Web site called ICorrect, people who feel unhappy about “obvious misinterpretations, misinformation and what some might call total lies,” in the words of the site’s founder, Sir David Tang, can now attempt to set the record straight. People concerned about their reputations can use the site to post as many corrections as they want, for $1,000 a year.—NYT: For $1,000, Site Lets Celebrities Say It Ain’t So

Accusation: I was home watching TV last Wednesday night.
Correction: I was out seducing Scarlett Johannson last Wednesday night. 

Accusation: I’m lazy.
Correction: So why did my good friend Warren Buffet just give me $75 million in seed money for my great new startup?

Accusation: I can’t possibly be this good looking.
Correction: But I am. 

Accusation: I failed to win a MacArthur Genius Fellowship.
Correction: I was disqualified for being over-geniused. 

Accusation: I write Yeti’s dialog for him. 
Correction: I just take out the cuss words. 

Accusation: I’m so good at interactive copywriting, content creation, user experience consultation, demo video production and all of the other professional services I provide, that by paying my standard rates, my clients are taking unfair advantage of me.
Correction: Nonsense. My clients merely get the most outstanding value possible. Nothing more, nothing less. Sheesh. 

Accusation: I am perverting the intent of by denying things no one ever said about me in a craven attempt at self-promotion. 
Correction: Guilty.