What I've blogged down with lately

From the Awl, simply the best article on consensual cannibalism you will read today: Cannibals Seeking Same: A Visit To The Online World Of Flesh-Eaters 

From Consumerist, a tale of preconceived notions confirmed: Yelp Elite Reviewers Engage In Degenerate Feeding Frenzy, Terrify Waitstaff

From Daring Fireball, a comprehensive critique of NYT’s pricing plan: A Rule of Thumb: Pricing Should Be Simple

From Kottke: The extra who’s in everything

From Cringely, interesting disquisition on nu-cu-ler reactors: Flea powder may be saving lives in Japan

From Can’t Stop the Bleeding, because you need a guide to keep up with what’s considered foul play in hockey anymore: Brooks : If Campbell Doesn’t Banish Cooke, The NHL Is Full Of It