FREE Big Idea: Kommando Shorts

This is a pair of O’Neill shorts I bought recently:

They were sold as “walking shorts.” They’re for general everyday hipster-doofus wear, but they’re made out of synthetic performance material, so they stay dry. Win.

This pic, which someone conveniently uploaded to Flickr for reasons known only to them, is the inside of a pair of running shorts:

Notice the inner nylon liner. Some athletic shorts have these, obviating the need for underwear. The liner keeps boys’ and girls’ junk snug and protected from chafing. Win.

I want someone to take this:

 and add this:

And then I can enjoy the benefits of “going commando” while enjoying the junk-swaddling (and, let’s be honest, pee-shielding) comfort of wearing underwear. I looked around and didn’t see anything like it. Get to it, apparel makers. 

BTW, I named the idea Kommando shorts with a “K” because Hurley sells “Commando Shorts,” but they aren’t what I’m taling about, and I don’t want Hurley to sue me.