Do NOT buy sauerkraut unless it's made with...

Let’s say it together: BARREL FRESH GOODNESS!

I mean, that must have been one tough day at the copy mill:

CD: Where’s my callout for the Libby’s label?

CW: Oh, my head.

CD: Who told you to eat a dozen Jagermeister jello shots last night, stupid?

CW: (moaning)

CD:  Well?

CW: Go away!

CD: Not until you give me a sauerkraut callout.

CW: OK, OK. (pause) Made with… (mumbling)

CD: Sorry? Didn’t get that.

CW: I said, made with barrel fresh goodness, asshole!

CD: Hmmm.

CW:  (moaning, now curled up on floor)

CD: It’s pretty good, but it’s too long. How about we lose the last word, so it’s just, “Made with barrel fresh goodness?” 

CW: (moaning)

CD: Yeah, that works. I’m going to get this to Matty. He can build a “made with barrel fresh goodness” ribbon or some shit. And don’t forget we have a meeting on the new mixed fruit can labels in 10 minutes.

CW: (whimpering)