HomeAway's classy response to Super Bowl ad stumble

As a followup to my post about Groupon’s controversial (and dumb) Super Bowl ads, I wanted to mention this article in today’s Austin American-Statesman. Writer Lori Hawkins takes a looks at how Austin-based HomeAway confronted the negative reaction to their Super Bowl ad, which featured a simulation of an infant being smashed into a glass wall. Honestly, the ad didn’t strike me as offsensive—it was clear that the simulation was MEANT to be a simulation. Nevertheless, the company took some well-publicized heat for it, and their approach to dealing with their detractors shows a lot of class and sensitivity. As much as we might bemoan how easy it is to offend people in our society and to wish it were otherwise, advertisers have to deal with the reality. They need to be engaging, but as uninvited guests on our screens, they have to meet higher standards of sensitivity. HomeAway seems to get it.