Domino's Pizza driver helps customer who fell and couldn't get up

From Consumerist. Anyone who’s ever had a service job with regular customers will relate to this. Regular customers, the nice ones anyway, can become really important to you. They relate to you as a fellow human and not someone they have to get past to get whatever it is they want. They help you make it through the workday. The pizza maker in the story says he often starts the lady’s order before she calls it in. When I worked at a burger place in college, I had a regular customer, also an old lady—a REALLY old lady—who used a walker and moved very,very slowly. She didn’t want anyone to help her, either—that was a big mistake. By the time she made it from the front door to my register, I’d have her coffee and juice waiting for her and her breakfast order on the cook’s wheel. Anyway, this is a sweet story, but the cynic in me does wonder how the TV news crew was in on it early enough to get footage of the woman being removed from her home by EMTs. Maybe they picked it up on the scanner and the news editor said, “this has viral written all over it!”