Other dogs you won't see at Wesminster this year

One of the few remaining Bluffing Terriers“The otterhound is one of several English breeds on display at Westminster that have dwindled to near obscurity despite a proud history. Much like an heirloom rose or tomato, the dogs are living artifacts of a bygone era kept alive by a group of passionate breeders.” NYT, Dog Show’s Rare Breeds Are Glimpse of History


Here are a number of other obscure breeds the Oblogatory staff has uncovered:*
  • East Texas Poon Hound
  • Hairy-eared Annoyer
  • Chernobyl Hairless
  • Rheumy-eyed Spaniel
  • Vomit Mottled Deceiver
  • Asymptomatic Mange Carrier
  • Random Baying Rankler
  • Victorian Bustle Sniffer
  • Litter Box Retriever

*”Oblogatory staff” means “me,” and “uncovered” means “made up.”