Grammy reporter Serene Branson's speech problem quickly goes from viral to Facebook scam

Serene Branson, a reporter for L.A.’s KCBS, may have suffered a mini-stroke according to at least one neurologist. Videos of her on-location report at the Grammy’s, in which she was unable to form a comprehensible sentence, quickly went viral and became snark fodder for many bloggers and Facebook posters. But some of those folks, including Perez Hilton, hastily walked back their cattiness when suspicion arose that Branson’s difficulties were the result of an actual health problem. Whether or not that was the case remains unclear, though watching the video (below) certainly makes it seem possible. It sure looks to me like Branson’s mouth is not doing what her brain is telling it to do. Scary. 

Also frightening is how quickly interest in the video spawned a pretty intricate Facebook scam, designed to steal users’ FB data, propagate links back to the malicious app and make the scammers money through a survey completion scheme. Internet security company Sophos posted this detailed step-by-step deconstruction of the scam

So, two questions me might ask ourselves to self-police our online behavior:

1. Is this douchebaggery I’m about to post really necessary?

2. Can I trust the entity asking me for access to my social data, and is the promised return worth it? 

UPDATE: I had to replace the original video because I couldn’t figure out how to shut off the autoplay option. Found this version on Funny or Die, and evidently they still thinks it’s a joke.