I pretty much rocked Rolling Stone's list of top guitar players.

A couple of posts ago I tried to pick an Internet fight over Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest guitar players. I guessed what I thought their top 10 would be, then I named what my top 10 was. Well, no one wanted to fight with me, but I finally looked at Rolling Stone’s list, and while I didn’t get the order exactly right, I did pick 9 out of the 10 names. Here’s their list, with the positions I guessed in parentheses. 


1. Hendrix (1)
2. Clapton (2)
3. Jimmy Page (5)
4. Keith Richards (3)
5. Jeff Beck (9)
6. B.B. King (missed entirely!)
7. Chuck Berry (4)
8. Eddie Van Halen (6)
9. Duane Allman (8)
10. Pete Townsend (10)