Choice Wilco lyrics, as I heard them

Pretty sure this is them! Photo courtesy @MFlentge

Saw the band Wilco last night here in Austin, and, man, did they put on a great show. Guitars! Drums! Those things that look like pianos! They had all of that going on.

But I have to admit, knowing them mostly as a live band, it’s hard to know what that guy is singing about, or what language he’s singing in. Assuming it’s English, I was able to pick up some key lines here and there last night, though I’m still not sure what they mean:

You can see the bear in my style
A weather-borne fancy feast crocodile

You seemed a little glummer
Than you did last summer
Me? A little dumber
Doleful little flummer*

I can praise all of the fried presidents
And speak of the dead all in present tense
But I can’t rise up to your window frame
All of my waffles have gone down in flames

It was my bad permutations
That led to the false formula
It was my frank purple-ations*
That helped chase away your blah

Ripped off the pieces of your satellite
Sent them into orbit tied up to my kite
Willows in the hallway always wearin’ new sleeves
Might be time to check out some new hallway trees

You’re a lanky ocean crashing over shore
I lay on musky dunes gettin’ sand in my shorts

Raise up high the cheeks of your glass
And fling them round the needle-lined path
Together we’ll move around all the glucose
And roll up the ends of our love’s coiled hose

Can you blame me for smelling the dog
Can you blame me for mounting the log


*Not 100% sure of this.