Gifts for My Accessories

After several holiday seasons of retailers exhorting me to “be good to your gear,” I have pretty much accessorized all of my technology to the limit. It started simply enough, with a case for my notebook. But then I was worried that my phone would get jealous, so I had to buy it a case, too. And a screen protector. Why I got the screen protector, I don’t know, because then I was afraid my monitor would feel left out. And so it went. Within a couple of Christmases, I had purchased multiple accessories for everything. No one’s equipment is more pampered than my equipment. 

But this posed a two-pronged challenge of its own: First, how would I be able to do my civic duty and spend lots of money indiscriminately this holiday season? and; Second, how could I reward those hard-working accessories who have done so much to enrich the lives of my technology products? The answer, of course, is that this year I shall start redressing my thoughtlessness towards my accessories and purchase gifts for them. But I’m not a wealthy man, so I’ll have to start slow. Here’s a look at what will be under my accessories’ tree this year (note to self: buy accessories a tree):

For my Kingsman DataLite EG+ 6GB thumb drive: a Popi Universal Thumb Drive Cashmere Cardigan

For my EgoTron GSB19 Articulating Monitor Stand: StandShine Advanced Protectant Polish with UV Blockers and Carnuba Wax, 16 oz. commemorative edition bottle

For my SlipShod Peek-a-Boo Polycarbonate Laptop Shell: SlipShod PolyProtect 100% Polycarbonate-Free Laptop Shell ShockSorber®

For my Kisco All4Web Wireless 802.1A/B/G/N Home Network Router: LiteWerks Good Mood Photon Therapy Router Case, with 4 Automatic Presets that Mimic Natural Lighting Conditions of Various Router Habitats

For my Belchnin DockMate Powered 12 Port USB 2.0 Hub: Kreller PowerSentry USBPro Alternating Current Conditioner for Powered USB Drives

For my NoMoreBirdsNestDesk Crap Scanner/Archiver: Elvonics ScanSoSoft Desktop Scanner Lightsource Moisturizer/Emollient with free Evonics Tote Bag Bonus Gift, an $89 value

For my SeaGull XT50 50TB RAID 10.0 DataVault II Autonomous Network Data Backup System: a Froswell Storzall NX100 100TB RAID 10.0 Autonomous Network Data Backup System Autonomous Backup System