You know you're old in 2100 when...

… your left foot reflexively reaches for the ion clutch every time you start your plasmaporter.

… you’re still a little uncomfortable about robot marriage.

… you recall the pride you felt voting to re-elect President Perry for the fifth time.

… you remember trees.

… the first-generation argon phosphate batteries in your artificial organs start losing their charge.

… you experience thoughts that haven’t been pre-approved by the Glorious Cadre.

… you value phony personal interactions over authentic electronic intimacy.

… your children’s names do not include numerals.

… you still sometimes question the infallible directives of the Glorious Cadre.

… you remember when water was colorless, odorless and tasteless. Yuck!

… you have been selected for corporeal decommissioning by the Glorious Cadre. Report to the Center for Grand Departures tomorrow at 08:15:17:00.