Making money from a viral video: NYT's takes 500 words to say "get lucky"

Claire Cain Miller had a problem. She pitched this article to her editors at the New York Times about how to make money from a hit YouTube video. But the more she researched it, the less interesting it became. But by the time she finished writing, she had a enough words for the article, so what the hell. Herewith, a summary of her plan to cash in from a viral video.

1. Make a viral video, but don’t TRY to make a viral video—just let it happen, somehow.

2. Go on TV to promote the video, but don’t TRY to go on TV—don’t call them, let them call you.

3. Make money from Google ad revenue—again, no effort required. Just sit tight and wait for an email from Google.

4. Oh, and you can sell t-shirts, too.

Good luck!