Have mercy, it's Percy... Medicine

Whilst waiting in the interminable pickup line at the HEB pharmacy, I spied this well-pawed box on the shelf. If not for the UPC number and metric weight, I might have believed it had been there since the ’30s. (This wouldn’t be unprecedented at the HEB at S. Congress and Oltorf.)

Using advanced investigative techniques, I found a website for Merrick Medicine, the company just up the highway in Waco that makes the nostalgic nostrum. The website looks only slightly newer than the packaging design. Anyway, there I learned the whole miracle cure back story of Percy Medicine, along with its, “secret formula of water and Bismuth Subsalicylate, alcohol, calcium hydroxide, potassium carbonate as well as rhubarb extract, sugar, cinnamon and orange flavoring.” (Ha! Those fools! I’ll have my copycat Richie Remedy on the shelves in no time!)