OK, I think I got it.

This handy “conversion chart” from a package of Kirkland (Costco) chicken stock helps hapless cooks make the confusing switch from plain water with both PICTURES and WORDS:

Whoa, where’s Albert Einstein when you need him?

Here’s a little quiz:

1. A recipe calls for 2.7888888832322335 cups of water. How much stock should you use?

A. 2.7888888832322335

B. 3.7888888832322335

C. 4.7888888832322335

D. Correct answer not shown


2. Your friend’s backyard swimming pool holds about 10,500 gallons of water. How many gallons of chicken stock would it hold?

A. 10,500

B. 3

C.  400,000,000,000

D. Correct answer not shown


Answers: 1 (A), 2 (A)