Austin ad shop McGarrah Jessee's cool new/old mid-century modern digs

Continuing with today’s architecture theme, I always thought the building at the SE corner of Austin’s 6th and Colorado streets was a mid-century modern diamond-in-the-rough waiting to be polished. It’s been un- or underutilized for decades. The State Comptroller had offices there during the 80s and 90s, but their renovations only added to the butt-ugliness of the ill-advised 1970s era “renovations.” 

So it was exciting to see the building starting to get a facelift and to hear that Austin ad firm McGarrah Jessee was moving their HQ there. Their work for brands like Shiner Beer and What-a-Burger already evokes a kinda retro-modern feel, so I was hoping they would do right by the building, and it looks like they are. 

These quick snaps show their striking new entry signage, the west side of the building with its cool block cutouts, and the SW corner, with a nifty little angled niche cut into the structure to create a balcony/patio: