Top 10 Ideas for Posts Rejected In Favor of This Lame Top 10 List

#10: 6 restroom multitasking tips you need now
#9: Culture clash: local artisanal yogurt spoon-off!
#8: Unleash your inner python to be a more effective intimidater
#7: Build your own breast pump from recycled materials!
#6: 23 ways to suck less at everything
#5: Cat mum on presidential ambitions
#4: CalOrg organizes your calendar organizer organizers
#3: Why you can trust me with your credit card number, I swear
#2: Maybe if I put Justin Bieber’s name in the title of this post, I’ll get more traffic
And the #1 idea for a post rejected in favor of this Lame Top 10 List
#1: Cat leaving Oblogatory for own show on Fox News Network