Stupid: park lamp posts designed to disintegrate under dog pee onslaught

That’s one of the lamp posts in the park near my house. Notice the flat, wide base? That’s driven me crazy from day one. The park is in between my neighborhood and the hike and bike trail where people run with their dogs, so it is basically a pre-exercise K9 evacuation zone. Walk by in the morning and there’s golden puddles glistening on half of the bases. You’d figure if you’re spec-ing the fancy German-designed Bega lamp posts for this park, you’re going to want a pretty urine-intelligent design, right? (I think I just made that term up.) But no. Just look what’s happening to these mod brushed aluminum pee-catchers after only three years. What’s that you say? You “must have the Bega or the essence of the environmental design will be compromised!” Well, geez, it’s not like they don’t make an evacuation zone-friendly model, like the third one from the left here.